Arcade-style game: Locusts

Screenshot of Locusts 1.0.1

Evil mutant locusts move determinedly upwards to your defence platform while launching stings in your direction, and their reinforcements regularly appear in random locations. Manoeuvre your platform left and right to help prevent this budding ecological catastrophe! With classic arcade-style sound effects and graphics – and a permanent online High Scores table – prepare to… Continue reading Arcade-style game: Locusts

Locusts: Game in Development

Screenshot of Locusts, game in development: March 2015

Yes, it’s true: Cookie Cutter Media are making something! And not just anything – it’s the browser-based classic-style video game Locusts. The game isn’t finished yet, but a playable demo can be found here.   This game uses the canvas element, which has been supported by most browsers for a while now, but only by… Continue reading Locusts: Game in Development