Arcade-style game: Locusts

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Evil mutant locusts move determinedly upwards to your defence platform while launching stings in your direction, and their reinforcements regularly appear in random locations. Manoeuvre your platform left and right to help prevent this budding ecological catastrophe! With classic arcade-style sound effects and graphics – and a permanent online High Scores table – prepare to have fun playing Locusts.

Screenshot of Locusts 1.0.1
Locusts 1.0.1

The current version of this game is aimed at the laptop/desktop market: Smartphone and tablet support is on the drawing board. This game uses several website features – such as built-in audio and the drawing canvas – which are not supported by older browsers such as Internet Explorer 8, so if you’re having trouble getting this game to work, please try playing it in a newer browser.

Screenshot of Locusts 1.0.0
Locusts 1.0.0

Locusts uses the following sounds from

“retro shot blaster” by JavierZumer
“shoot02.mp3” by Taira Komori
“pipe9.wav” by schademans
“explosion flangered.wav” by destro_94

Version History:

Initial release (13/04/2015)
Visual improvements: Sky background, lightened colour scheme, and Google Font Roboto Condensed implemented (30/04/2015)
User-friendliness of Google Font increased by preloading initially undisplayed character set, and not loading unused characters (21/05/2015)

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