Locusts: Game in Development

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Yes, it’s true: Cookie Cutter Media are making something! And not just anything – it’s the browser-based classic-style video game Locusts. The game isn’t finished yet, but a playable demo can be found here.

Screenshot of Locusts, game in development
Locusts – game in development: March 2015

This game uses the canvas element, which has been supported by most browsers for a while now, but only by Internet Explorer since Version 9. So if you’re having trouble getting it to work, please try playing it in a modern version of IE, or in an alternate browser.

Screenshot of Locusts, game in development
Locusts – game in development: December 2014

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  1. So, the basic gameplay and score-logging are now taken care of. Next on the list of things to do is setting up a permanent, centralised High Scores table, which will involve sending in the high score details stored on each player’s computer/device, of which I’m certain there are many.

    With part of this process being performed in JavaScript – the programming language that Locusts is primarily written in – security would be a concern if I didn’t know in my heart that the human race is not too shabby when all’s said and done. That’s also why I made this game about ecology and farming: Or something like that anyway.

    Improving the graphics and adding sound effects is also on the list of things to do, so an immersive game-playing experience is on the way!

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